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Property owners in California face numerous challenges. We understand the importance of finding a trusted advisor who can partner with you to manage your investment in the complex environment of California property ownership.

Services On Your Terms

Services Structured Around Your Needs

Engage the Services
You Need On Your Terms

Property management packages are structured around what you need as the property owner. Explore our services to make sure you’re paying for what you need, and not for what you don’t need.

Ongoing Partnership for Worry-Free Ownership

Rely On Our Years of Experience

Real challenges and risk are part of property ownership. Partner with a company that has the experience and expertise to manage your risks, big and small.

Explore Our Service Offerings

  • Property Marketing
    We’ll match your property to the most qualified candidates.
  • Tenant Screening

    Every application is screened and put through our process including rental history, income verification and credit check.

  • Rent Collection

    We make sure the rent is collected on time and post notices if necessary.

  • Property Inspections, Management & Repairs

    We’ll protect your property value with inspections and oversight of maintenance and repairs. We maintain a large pool of vendors and contractors to make sure all repairs are made timely and cost-effectively.

  • Financial Accounting & Reporting

    We handle all bookkeeping related to property management, collection of rent, depositing owner funds, paying bills if necessary and providing monthly and year end statements.

  • Evictions

    In the event an eviction is necessary, we partner with experienced local eviction attorneys and help you through the process.

  • Legal Compliance

    Through our years of experience and continuing education we educate and inform owners on local, state and federal laws so that we are in compliance and manage their risks.

What Partnership Looks Like

In over 20 years of experience, Reliable Asset Management has helped thousands of owners rent out their properties worry-free. A licensed broker who is up to date on all housing regulations, we also maintain a large pool of vendors and contractors to make sure all repairs are made quickly and cost-effectively.

You Pick the Services that Are Right For You

Explore the property management options below:

Advisory Services

Wide selection of advisory services to address your immediate needs.

Leasing Services

Fill a vacancy: advertising and the screening of prospective renters until the vacancy is filled.

Full Service Management

Rent collection, property maintenance/repairs, financial reporting, among others.


Rental Property Analysis

Get started with a complimentary rental property analysis to see how you can protect your investment and maximize its value.

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